Learnmetrics is an education technology company that develops software connecting educators and administrators with the data sets that define their student bodies. Learnmetrics was formed to improve the lives of students by enabling educators to make better decisions using the wealth of information they already have.

I was hired to distill the company’s values and design a flexible, forward-thinking identity to accomodate the shifting needs of the company as it grows. 

Role: Designer
Type: Identity, Illustration, UI + UX design
Project Management: Jackson Edwards
Typefaces: Brandon Grotesque, Open Sans


LM Green 01

CMYK 66, 18, 74, 2
RGB 98, 159, 106
HEX #629F6A

LM Blue 01

CMYK 77, 31, 26, 1
RGB 56, 142, 168
HEX #388EA8

LM Navy 01

CMYK 88, 67, 39, 23
RGB 45, 76, 104
HEX #2D4C68

LM Gray 01

CMYK 71, 60, 52, 35
RGB 54, 61, 57
HEX #454C52

LM Teal 01

CMYK 71, 18, 46, 1
RGB 75, 160, 149
HEX #4bA095

LM Orange 01

CMYK 16, 46, 100, 1
RGB 211, 144, 39
HEX #D39027

LM Red 01

CMYK 15, 87, 87, 4
RGB 202, 68, 54
HEX #CA4436

LM Gray (Body + Default Buttons) 01

CMYK 56, 45, 34, 5
RGB 121, 127, 141
HEX #797F8D


We wanted to avoid the clichés of the education technology field by ditching the reliance on tech-related imagery and stock photos of classrooms. Integrating the color palette we defined, I created a library of icons and illustrations which I made digitally accessible to the rest of the team. These were used on trade show paraphernalia, pitch decks, infographics, websites and marketing materials. 


While planning for the future of the application it was incredibly important that this was much more than a student tracking device—it needed to accomodate the exciting, difficult, and messy human side of learning in order to be an effective tool for good. Technology needs to live within its role. It can’t provide ease, magic, or peace.

 "When the cohesion of learning in a group is eclipsed by the device-assisted, individually-paced acquisition of knowledge the opportunities for social interactions, social learning and community building disappear. Where, if not in school and workplace, is society built and changed?" – Ursula Franklin


With the UX designer, we did an audit of every single form and button across the application in order to get our heads on straight. We used that documentation to define a visual language for the app, create hard and fast rules for the developers to use as a guiding light, established UI patterns, and refined the client onboarding process. And alongside the CSO and CTO, we broke down and reimagined two major components crucial to the basic functionality and set-up of the application. This resulted in a clear, consistent user interface and a wealth of insight into future development. All while working closely with principals at Chicago schools to listen to their concerns and create software that addressed and solved data loss and workflow inefficiencies.